The BLUDGE bag!
August 4, 2016

BLUDGE Ganesha collection
May 19, 2016

BLUDGE is not religious in any sense and we strongly believe that every human being has the right to believe in anything that they wish to as long as it does not harm anyone else's trip, because to us there is nothing worse in this world than a trip killer. Our imaginations have been our religion and its helped us to look at life or the human condition as our creative inspiration. As a collective we have always been drawn to trippy things, things that are never what they seem to be, Things that have many dimensions and things that have stories to tell.... and if you've ever visited our home in any of the places we've lived in, you'll know that almost every nook and corn ...

Come Levitate with BLUDGE!
March 24, 2016

Levitent Sri Lanka! now in Unawatuna We love our life right now and we wanna share it with people from around the world through art, design and the way we live. Welcome to levitent the first of its' kind on paradise island. We love our island and we love meeting soul seekers and planet conscious travel bugs from around the world. The Levitent project has allowed us to share our little jungle corner of Unawatua without harming the environment what so ever! We are proud to say that we offer you a one of kind experience to truly connect with nature by being one with nature. You are totally suspended and held in mid air by 3 beautiful trees, overlooking the ancient an ...

Metatrons Rubix by Sala
January 29, 2016

BLUDGE is a psychedelic design studio that creates art prints in various forms. Our canvasas range from t shirts, posters, murals and mix media work. All our work is inspired by the psychedelic realms. Our inspiration lies in seeing beyond the veil. Both in terms of design and inspiration. We work with geometric patterns as well as freehand. Bludgy creates both digital art as well as paintings. Sala does freehand work but Metatrons rubix is one of his first geometric works. The metatrons cube has historic significance to human kind. It appears in various locations all over the world spanning throughout history. It appears in art, architecture and life itself. This ultra versat ...

January 25, 2016

BLUDGE is a design based community that stands for enabling artists and free thinkers of this world to step back and break away from the system and focus on doing what they love to do, which is to create!. In a world of corporate drones BLUDGERS are people who wish to break free from boundaries and traditions and create their own pathways focusing on doing what they love. OFFKILTER is a brand of t shirts that we created for Deshan, Walter and Monalee. 3 very creative individuals who got some of Sri Lankas' finest young visual artists to lend them some of their work to be printed on t shirts. They like us believe in t shirts as the canvas of our times and we are over the moon to not ...

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