January 25, 2016

BLUDGE is a design based community that stands for enabling artists and free thinkers of this world to step back and break away from the system and focus on doing what they love to do, which is to create!. In a world of corporate drones BLUDGERS are people who wish to break free from boundaries and traditions and create their own pathways focusing on doing what they love. OFFKILTER is a brand of t shirts that we created for Deshan, Walter and Monalee. 3 very creative individuals who got some of Sri Lankas' finest young visual artists to lend them some of their work to be printed on t shirts. They like us believe in t shirts as the canvas of our times and we are over the moon to not only produce these t shirts from scratch but also to sell them exclusively here on

We are stoked to have some of Sri Lankas' finest young artists on BLUDGE! Here they are

First up is a design by one of our best DJ's and music producers. We've bin big fans of Asvajit's music and we are extremely impressed with his work as an artist of the visual realm. This is probably why his sounds are also so vibrant, colorful and funky as hell!!

ROO is one of our favorite artists! Her murals and work is always an adventure of fun and color, her love and characters and work vibrate with passion and humor. We have watched her work and bin amazed at the way images seem to just flow out of her! 

Isuri creates delightful characters and her childrens' books are fast becoming world famous. Introducing Sir Lee followed by some of Isuri's work

We consider Mika our favorite BLUDGE artist of our time. Her work ranges from simple sketches to stories on suitcases and installations

All the prints are limited edition and we have only a handful of each on sale. Get BLUDGED immediately on or through our Facebook page. The t shirts are available as guys and girls cuts in a range of sizes from Small to XL


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