Metatrons Rubix by Sala
January 29, 2016

BLUDGE is a psychedelic design studio that creates art prints in various forms. Our canvasas range from t shirts, posters, murals and mix media work. All our work is inspired by the psychedelic realms. Our inspiration lies in seeing beyond the veil. Both in terms of design and inspiration. We work with geometric patterns as well as freehand. Bludgy creates both digital art as well as paintings. Sala does freehand work but Metatrons rubix is one of his first geometric works.

The metatrons cube has historic significance to human kind. It appears in various locations all over the world spanning throughout history. It appears in art, architecture and life itself. This ultra versatile, its' a symbol, it contains information, it symbolizes and encompasses the simple basic idea that all things are connected and that all things are one. The pattern contains every single solid shape withing its morphing dimensions.

It is is simple yet extremely complex

It  is static yet it vibrates with movement

It is a singular image which carries the information of an entire encyclopedia

It is repetitive yet at the same time it is forever evolving

It is found in every single practice we call religion

It is silent yet speaks volumes

It is mathematical, scientific and aesthetic

you can go on forever its actually infinite

In other words the image of the metatrons cube symbolizes the human experience we call life.

BLUDGE creates works inspired by human conundrums, and the biggest or the mother ship of conundrums and most of our problems come is from forgetting or refusing to see that which is right in front of us. We are not separate from the rest of our world although we've tried really hard to carve out a crazy existence that has almost manages to disengage us from our roots and there by destroy the vey fabric of our life. We are nature, we are animals, we are beings that exist NOT alongside but as one with every other living being around us. “We are all one” there is no separation we are a bunch of cellular organisms that have come from the earth, the earth created us and we are forever connected to her from our core its just that something happened that made us forget this and that really fucked us up as a species! Well this is our thoughts on the matter and the Metatrons cube for us is a reminder of this single unifying fact.

This is the first of many versions of the Metatrons cube we draw, we are absolutely captivated by its many dimensions. Follow us on Facebook or on vimeo connect with us share your thoughts.

We love you

Metatrons rubix by Sala from BLUDGE on Vimeo.

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