Come Levitate with BLUDGE!
March 24, 2016

Levitent Sri Lanka! now in Unawatuna

We love our life right now and we wanna share it with people from around the world through art, design and the way we live. Welcome to levitent the first of its' kind on paradise island. We love our island and we love meeting soul seekers and planet conscious travel bugs from around the world. The Levitent project has allowed us to share our little jungle corner of Unawatua without harming the environment what so ever!

We are proud to say that we offer you a one of kind experience to truly connect with nature by being one with nature. You are totally suspended and held in mid air by 3 beautiful trees, overlooking the ancient and mystical Rumassala cliff forest and the Peace pagoda.

We love nature and we'd like to leave as much natural beauty around us for generations to come and Levitent Sri Lanka is the seed of an organic idea that is going to grow into something much bigger!.

We will plant a tree for every booking we receive, you will plant it yourself when you get here. Unawatuna is a beautiful beach village in Sri Lanka, it's the stuff of stories and legends. But as much as its' awesome having people visit our island home, tourism has brought about an evil to our shores by way of deforestation and pollution. People are driven by profit making to the point that they have forgotten that its' the natural beauty that sustains Unawatuna and all of us who call it home and paradise, may it be for a brief holiday or for a lifetime. Buildings and construction in order to accommodate the thousands of travelers that flock here all year round are now eating into the forest and displacing wildlife. THIS HAS TO STOP!! and we hope that our little idea here can spark something that will be much bigger than us! When you stay at Levitent you become apart of a historic movement that will result in nature and man working together. A living example that we are all one.

The Levitent Experience:

Float among the trees in a truly magical living space

Escape to the shores of Unawatuna and jungle beach, both just a stroll away

Explore the historic Galle Fort

Watch peacocks, green bee-eaters and many more feathered friends from Sri Lanka and further ashore.

Rise with the sun to early morning meditation

Start your day with yoga on the rock or join Sala for sunrise yoga at the jungle beach

Learn to cook a Sri Lankan meal

Enjoy a variety of organic, home-cooked meals as well as a special night-time BBQ

Curl up with a book on your favourite hammock

Get creative - paint with us, write a story or compose a song.

For bookings call Sala on +94777038670 or go to our Airbnb page 

Pictures by Tommy Stromen

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