BLUDGE Ganesha collection
May 19, 2016

BLUDGE is not religious in any sense and we strongly believe that every human being has the right to believe in anything that they wish to as long as it does not harm anyone else's trip, because to us there is nothing worse in this world than a trip killer. Our imaginations have been our religion and its helped us to look at life or the human condition as our creative inspiration. As a collective we have always been drawn to trippy things, things that are never what they seem to be, Things that have many dimensions and things that have stories to tell.... and if you've ever visited our home in any of the places we've lived in, you'll know that almost every nook and corner has something to delve into and get completely lost in. Our home is an artwork to us, It is a marvolous collage that captures our life and as all the timy peaces connect it comes together as a whole which to us resembles the meaning of life. Our home/studio is an eclectic hoarde of many artifacts that we have collected and got as gifts along the way, and Ganesha figures and Ganesha art keeps popping up everywhere all over the house, he even made it onto to t shirts through the work we did for Ganeshism.

Many people who visit us wonder about our religious convictions because we have all kinds of religious statues and figures mixed with our favorite cartoon characters from elmo to homer and buddha to Bob Marley. Some of you ask us what this means and this is what we say.


"We believe that the ancient gods and figurines are somewhat or exactly similar to the superheroes of today, just that our very wise ancestors made them out of stone and brass and precious metal and put them onto figurines that envisage the infinite creative potential of the human mind, instead of insidious, poisonous, toxic and disastrous plastic dolls made in sweatshops china. It's actually strange that we allow our kids to play with plastic toys made of the very material that is clogging up the planet that sustains us".


Back to Ganesha, To us Ganesha symbolizes the most psychedelic and captivating of all the old gods/superheroes. He is a superhuman idea that is timeless and eternal. Ganesha is a figure that emerged as a hindu deity but now he/she is a figure of cult phenomenon. Lord G is the ultimate psychedelic superhero god and to us an overflowing fountain of psychedelic inspiration.

A human body perfectly infused to an elephant head, as an artist I find that figure difficult to call cute but Ganesha brings it together beautifully, its a visual that never leaves you. Utterly lovable Ganesha signifies overcoming boundaries obviously imagine elephant head human body and having thousands adore you it just signifies the frailty of ones looks, and the epitome of the fact that we are all one. He rides on a rat!! Has a case of eternal munchies. Prosperity and wealth lead to a big belly he says cutely but as cute as he is he brings forth the force of the mighty elephant the largest, strongest, most majestic and powerful being on earth. Ganesha talks of balance and to us means overcoming ego by being happy with yourself and knowing that nothing is impossible as long as you can imagine it.

We've always wondered about the broken tusk and I just read that it signifies perfection and imperfection. What an amazing analogy and to us as artists it means that perfection is already present, we just have to see it and not chase after it.

So our latest collection of paintings are inspired by our psychedelic lord Ganesha have a look.


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