Answers to some questions you may have. You can always
chat to us if we are online or reach us on the FB page.

Sizes & Sexes?
All BLUDGE T's are unisex and come in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and here's a size chart to help you out.

How does the buying work?
Once you click the "BOOK NOW" button and send us your details we will confirm your order & mail you all the delivery details. BLUDGE T's are delivered to you at no extra charge.. yes Delivery is completely free anywhere on the planet!!

The BLUDGE will deliver within 7 days of order confirmation in Sri Lanka & within 14 days worldwide.

We love to hear from you so please follow or like us on fb, twitter, our blog "
the blodge", for all the latest updates.

What forms of payment methods do you except?

BLUDGERS in Sri Lanka can pay cash on delivery.

Overseas BLUDGERS - once you click "book now" and send us the BLUDGE enquiry we will confirm your order via e-mail & send you a PayPal invoice for payment - You do NOT need a PayPal account of your own to pay & you can make a 100% secure transaction through any credit card or debit card. Solution Graphics

Your BLUDGE T will be dispatched to you via registered post after payment confirmation by PayPal.

NO extra charges or taxes. Your BLUDGE T will be delivered to you at no extra cost!

What inks do you use to print?

BLUDGE T's are made using non-hazardous & non Toxic inks which are both good for you and the environment.

How often do we re-stock?
BLUDGE T's are limited edition and will never be mass produced...
BUT we may re-print in certain sizes if there is a significant amount of requests for a re-print. The BLUDGE hopes to bring you a whole new set of psychedelic art each month.

Where are the T shirts from?
The T-shirts are made to a pattern designed by us and are manufactured and produced right here in Sri Lanka.

Where else can I buy a BLUDGE T shirt?
The only other place you can get a BLUDGE T shirt other than on is exclusively at the TRUNK BOUTIQUE Cinnamon Grand Colombo.

Who runs BLUDGE?
Just us Bludgy & Sala - with some help from all our friends. Copyright @ 2017. All Rights Reserved. Innovator : mannschaft int.